Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Its now 2007!!

So funny, I forgot not only my log in, but also my password, and then changed my email address, so was a bit of a mare, but have managed to get it sorted and get back on here... hello to those of you that have been checking this space out, but I have not be updating!
Well there is obviously WAY to much happened in the last two years, to start writing now, so I will just put it in chunks as I feel like it.. cause hey I can, its my blog.
I have also just gotten a bebo site, check it out there heaps of pics and stuff

Saturday, September 03, 2005

new news..

Does anyone actually read this?!

Anyway, so much has happened since I last wrote.. main thing being that I am now a big, mature house owner!! i know, can you believe it?! Cam and I brought it together as an investment property, so we have it rented out, and that pays the mortgage.. with a bit of a top up from us. Was all very easy and painless, who said buying a house was stressful?!

Work is still ticking along nicely, the cooking school that we run is going great! thats a big part of my job, doing all the admin, bookings etc.. for it..

We are nearly down one flatmate now, Kaz has brought a house too! so we looking for the next lucky flattie!!

Have been splitting my time between Hope church, and Annesbrook, which is Cams church... so been getting a good range of music and teaching.. its been fun going to both.

Still doing heaps of work with our after school Kids Klub, we run it on Thurs afternoons for a couple of hrs... is heaps of fun. Just last week we gave all the kids bibles (people in the church donated $$ for them) and by this week almost all of the kids, had read them cover to cover!! and could remember the stories and all.. what an awesome encouragment!

Righto, till next time.. shellz x

Friday, June 10, 2005

Love is in the air!

Well arent I just a big slacker... he he.. its been like 2 months since I wrote, and I bet you have all been patiently checking my site every day, waiting for an exciting update on my here it is!
Still here, still working at Paratiho ( still flatting with some friends, looking froward to 2 weeks in Queenstown at the beginning of July, going to check out the sights and sounds of winter festival and get in a few days boarding.. spending a night in Mt Cook on the way home as well, will be fun to go back to the Hermiatge, I used to work there about 5-6 years ago, and they have done a big million dollar refurbishment since then.
Just been up to Wellington for the long weekend, had a kids ministry conference to go to.. was great, and heaps of inspriation now for kids minsitry at church.. lots of ideas to make things bigger and better. Then my boyfriend Cam, came over from Nelson for the day on Monday, and we cruised round Wellington for the day, ate to much food and spent to much money, but great day had by all. Oh, and yes you read that right, Shellz has a boyfriend!! for those of you nosey parkers who need more goss.. let me know!
And also went to CTC for the night on Sunday... Tony Campolo preached up a storm, and heaps of cool bands and dance groups.
Thats all, work is pretty quiet at the moment, not many people travelling to NZ at this time of year, well not to Nelson anyway.
Oh I got a free ride in the Eurocopter the other day.. we use a local heli company heaps for work, so I got to ride along for the day, awesome!!! went over to Abel tasman, into Awaroa, which is this beautiful bay about half way up the park. Flash lodge there, that we had lunch, then walked on the beach.. it was a hard day at work!!
Ok, write me sometime if you want... shellz xxx

Monday, April 18, 2005

Its monday arvo, back to work after the weekend off.... only my 2nd weekend off since I have been here.
Me and Karen heading over to Blenheim for the day on Saturday, mainly to go shoe shopping!! yes, there is a shoe warehouse there, didnt actually find too many things to get, but managed to buy one pair each. Get this, Karens boots cost .98cents!!! what a bargin aye! they were the last pair in the shop, and they fit her perfectly, that alone was worth the drive over there....
then we went out for tea with a big group of our friends on Sat night, went to lone star, had to wait for about an hr and 1/2 for a table, what a great marketing strategy.... cause people sit round a buy drinks while they wait... seems to work tho! we cruised into town for a bit, but nothin much was happening. Early night, and my new shoes were giving me grief... so a good thing really!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

tri results and other stuff in the life of shellz..

Well i made it!! it was so fun, and I definately want to do it all again next year... see my results below, I didnt come last!

I got 104th out of 286, then 13th in my age group (under 30), and I did the whole thing in 1:01:17. So I was pretty stoked with that!

Also last weekend I moved flats, I am now living with my best friend Karen, we live in another one of our friends houses that he just built last year, so its brand new! My new address is: 11 Hollybush Drive, Brightwater, Nelson (03) 542 4330.

Cool, see ya x

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Winter is on the way...

Yep its getting colder at night now... still pretty warm tho in the mornings. Cause I start work at 12 o'clock everyday, i find that I have to take a change of clothes cause it is hot when I go to work, but then freezing when i come home!
Work is winding down for the winter now, this weeeknd is pretty much our last busy one... what that means for me, is that I get to go on to 9-5 most days, yay, normal working hours! and more weekends off hopefully. Not sure how I will go over the winter, cause my guess is theres not a lot to do at the lodge when theirs no guests in, but my boss assures me he has lots of jobs for me to do!
Me and Karen have decided not to take off overseas just yet, maybe we will go this time next year, and go and work etc.... so I am loosing my tickets, but I figure its better to stay here and pay off my ever increasing debt first.
Only 5 days till the Triatholon, training hasnt really been going that well, but should be alright on the day, apparently its not really that hard.
Went for a big walk this morning with my friend Ang, did about 4 km, and wasnt that hard at all..... just add a 14km bike on the end of it, and might be a different story tho.
Hey, who wants to go to Q'town winter festival???????? I keen as to head down there. Let me know if anyones keen, hey that might prove that someone actaully reads this!!
Better go back to work I spose...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Days off..

Well 2 blogs in one week, this has to be miracle.. mind you, hate to dissapoint anyone that had been checking this and there was never anything new on it!
Am on my weekend at the moment, I have Wednesday/Thursday off every week, it has some advantages, not really that many actually! but i've gotten used to it.
Played indoor netball yesterday,okay so we have this really suck team and we always loose, but yesterday we led for some of the game - we were so stoked and got so wound up and wanted to win, it was pretty funny! anyway, it was a game of 2 halves and we didnt win, but we tried! and its only a social league anyway, so who cares right. Well I do, cause I hate loosing.. ha ha!! anyway...
Then I went and saw my newest cousin, well cousins baby to be precise.. his name is Samuel Watson.. very cute. Big!! 10lb something..... but thats a Watson thing i think.
Then in the afternoon I went to Kids Klub, i help lead an afterschool kis program thru our church, its so fun! we had about 40 kids there, we did a relay race game where they had to eat cold brussel sprouts and green beans.... mmmm... they ate them not a problem tho, i was nearly puking just having to cut them up beforehand! Oh and we got t-shirts designed for our leaders and some prizes for the kids.. thanks for the design Chainsaw!!
Today I am at my sisters, helping to look after my neice and nephew... well I am playing on the computer really.. but keeping an eye on them as well! multi tasker extroidinaire..
Tonight I have a work dinner, at a fancy restaurant.. free wine and food!! always a bonus! And also i have our girls group from church, we all get together once a fortnight, and talk and learn about issues that we are interested in.. have visiting speakers etc.. its been going great so far this year.
Man, i have the sorest legs right now, I did a pump class at the gym the other day, (for those of you un-gym bunnies.. thats a weights class) and I went hard out thinking that i could handle it, but i can hardly walk now... ah well no pain no gain i guess..
over and out, shellz xx

Save a horse..ride a cowboy...

Monday, March 14, 2005

Update on life in Shellz world...

heres an update on what I been up to.. and going to be up to! in the next wee while....

* work - going really well, been here two months now. Been so busy, but slowing down now, with winter coming and not so many guests boooked in. Highlights have been - getting a freebie to go out sea kayaking in the Abel Tasman for a day, getting heaps of free luxuirous massages!, starring in our new CD rom, meeting heaps of really nice people from all round the world, and seeing how people live when they are incredibly weathly, enjoying coming to work every day!

* Love life - non exsistant - yes I am single (again!!)

* Sports camp - end of January... heaps of fun, our team Hope came in third so not to bad. And us girls managed to win a few games.

* Summer and Blake - my twin neice and nephew, growing up so fast, and just gorgeous! Im am a proud aunty... they can say my name, doesnt really sound like it, but i know they are saying it! they are 2 1/2 now.

* My little brother had another little girl as well - Hannah Joy.

* Moved into a flat with some friends, theres 5 of us, 4 girls and a guy. Its heaps of fun, and its a 2 mintue walk to the mall!! what a bonus!

* Entering in a womens triathlon in 3 weeks time - 14km bike ride, 5km run and 4 length swim..... looking forward to it, will let you know how i go. Have been doing some training - of sorts!

* Making plans to head to UK for 6 weeks with my best friend in June/July... I have to fly all the way back to Calgary just to get my flight to London! its gonna be a long few days!! not sure what we will do there yet, but might do a Contiki, or head to Ireland or something.

Think thats it!!!

bye xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

On the payroll!

I now have a job, just finalised it all yesterday.... you can check the place out at its a luxury lodge, ($2,000 a night to stay!!!) and my role is the Guest Liason Manager... so I am looking forward to that, will let you know more about it later. I start tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

lady of leisure....

Well a few weeks on from my last blog, and not much has changed! i am still unemployed, but closer to a job than i was before, will let you know when its all finalised, all a bit hush hush at the moment.
Spent the day at Kaiteri last weekend, had heaps of fun jumping off the bridge and then riding the river current out to the sea. and of course worked on the tan a bit! then swimming in the river on sunday, my parents farm backs right on to a really good swimming river, so we go there a bit.
other than that, i have been having lots of sleep ins... trips to town to do lunch with people, sorting out my life, and bascially just being a lady of leisure!
Played touch rugby tongiht, we got absolutely wasted... i think about 10 nil... we had fun tho, its an all girls team.
in case you didnt catch on, i have a new email address its: feel free to drop me a line anytime there!
well,its sports camp next weekend, we have a team in from my church 'Hope' we are the current defending champions, so hopefully we will take the title again this year. the weekend is always lots of fun.
laters ...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

and the award for the worst movie ever goes to.....

OH MY GOSH.... while we were in Wellington for the weekend, we went and watched the movie 'Open Water'...... words can not even begin to explain this movie... we contemplated walking out, but had paid $14 for it, so I felt we had to stay! Worst acting you have ever seen, really really bad filming, it was like it was a home movie or a docoumentary... 2 no-name actors, and NO story line (found out afterwards that it was actaully based on a true story, but still, they could have made it a bit more exciting) basic run down..... a couple go on holiday, and go out deep sea diving, the dive boat leaves them behind, they are stuck out at sea for 24hrs or soemthing, they have a huge fight (while floating in the ocean, with sharks!) about whos fault it all is, he ends up getting bitten, and bleeds to death, so she lets him float away, then she gives up and drowns as well. Thats it.. end of story.... very very lame if you ask me. Sorry if i ruined it, for those of you planning to see it!!! ha ha,,, no really, only see it if you really want to laugh out loud about how dumb it is!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Oceans 12

went and saw Oceans 12 the other day.. really not worth the $8 i paid i reckon! i enjoyed the first one, but this one I found really hard to follow, and the story line was all over the place. The kinda movie that you need to watch twice just to understand it! anyway, Brad was hot, so that made it kinda worth-while!

crap crap weather

well its raining.......again.....!! New Years is turning out to be a big nothing, we were meant to be going camping, but since its been pouring with rain the last week, thats a no show.
Then the cricket tour got cancelled, there was a group of 10 of us all going to Wellington for the game, we are still going to head over tho, as there is a 'Feelers' concert on that weekend as well. and then we just found out today that our trip to the Sunshine Coast (for daves families reunion) might not be happening either! so all in all, I've had better summers!! (thinking maybe I shoulda stayed in Canada, at least i would have been able to snowboard!)
Everyone is going a bit crazy, having to stay inside, with not much to do....

Monday, December 27, 2004

finally the sun comes out!

yay, today the sun was out and we spent the day at the beach, Kaiteri... everyone got a bit sunburnt, so heres hoping that this is finally the start of summer.
Had a cool day on Christmas day, we spent the morning at mum and dads opening pressies and having lunch... my twin neice and nephew were there, they are 2, think they were more interested in the paper than the actaul presents. they seemed confused about what all the fuss was about! Then in the arvo i went to Daves family for tea. i got some cool pressies, a PXT cellphone from dave!.. and heaps of camping stuff, so i am all set now to go camping which i think we are doing at new years.
So my cell number is still the same as before: 021 253 1001
no job prospects as yet, public holiday today and tomorrow, so maybe i will sort something after that.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

4 days till chrissie!!

well i havent really been up to too much, cause I havent got a job as yet. But have applied for about 5 or 6.. thinking that most of them wont start up till after Christmas anyway. Which suits me fine! so bascially i am being an unemployed bum...have been sleeping in lots, and visting my sister and twin neice and nephew, hanging out with Dave, and bascailly just filling in the day! I have been blessed with a car for the next two weeks, my friend Hayley has gone away for the Xmas break, so has lent me her car.. Christmas day is shaping up to be fairly low key, with pressies and lunch with my family and then out to Daves side of the family are having a camp/reunion, so there for the arvo. No plans for tea yet, but im sure something will be arranged.
Went and saw the movie 'the polar express' the other day, was actaully quite good, i had my reservations at the start! but the animation was awesome.
went in to WINZ to see about getting the unemployemnt benefit, for a few weeks. Well, that whole process has changed a lot, you cant just walk in there and they give you money anymore! you have to attend a seminar, then go back 3 days later, and they 'assess' your case, then you have to agree to do absolutely any job... well i figured that I am big enough and ugly enough to go and get my own job!! so thats the plan now. since I am not to sure how long i will be around here for, its a little hard to commit to anything long term. All else fails I have my name down to work in some of the fruit packhouses, which i did this year as well, not to bad work for a few months.
so wishing you a Merry Christmas, and an awesome New years... shellz xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Meet the parents

Well on sunday, Dave and I came up to Mum and dads for lunch, and 'discussions'!! it was pretty funny really, and not bad at all. We got the thumbs up from them, and prayed etc.. together, it was really nice.
I havent really been doing to much, just enjoying the Nelson sun. Applied for two jobs today, so will see how that goes. Keen to not work until after Xmas, but not to sure how long the $$ will hold out, and the boredom levels!!
To you girlies in Banff... hows the snow?? have you been up boarding much??
My snowboard is in my room, getting cobwebs on it! ahh.. wont be long till i find some snow again. Dave and I have thought about maybe going to Queenstown for the winter season.
Well take care, till next time xxx

Sunday, December 12, 2004

love happens in the strangest places...

well an update from shellz, its only been two days since i landed back in NZ and my life has changed ALOT already!! for the better of course!
On saturday Dave and I spent the day together... we just hung out and went swimming and stuff, then for dinner he had planned a surprise, i knew we were going for a picnic somewhere but i wasnt sure where. Well we got to the the port, and he had arranged for a little boat to take us over to the lighthouse, which is on a long spit made of stones. Takes about 20 mins to get there. Then he got the key for the lighthouse, and we climbed up and up to the top. Awesome view of beautiful nelson. So we sat with our legs dangling over the edge, and had our picnic!
So as of yestrday, Dave and I are now offically 'together' (again!!) so i am excited about that, and its been fun telling everyone, and getting their reactions... we had the 'family talk' today over lunch, and that went really well. So i am very happy, and looking forward to whats in store for us next.

Friday, December 10, 2004

dont forget to plug your car in!

Well i am home safe and sound in Nelson now.. its so good to be home. What a beautiful country NZ is.... i was so excited to fly in and see how green everything is, and the sun! oh the beautiful sun.. it was so great to not have to wear my snowboard jacket anymore!
But my trip home wasnt without its share of stressful situations.... first of all i hired a rental car to get from Banff to Calgary, plan was to drive to my friends place, stay the night, then go to the airport the next day and drop the car there. Yeah well that all went to plan until i got up in the morning and the stupid car wouldnt start, my friend and her family had all gone to work, and it was about an hr till i was meant to be checking in. So needless to say, i started to panic! i rung the rental car company, and he asked me if I had plugged the car in last night. Now, i thought he was kidding... but No, apparently in this crazy cold country, when it gets cold enough, you have to literally plug your car in. Now of course, Shellz didnt know this, and no one had informed her of this... so long story short, i tried everything possible to try and find a way to the airport, and figured it was going to be a very expensive option to taxi or anything. then right when I was nearly in tears cause i thought i was gonna miss my flight home, my friend Tara come home, and we rushed and broke some speed limits to get me to the airport on time (thanks tara! your'e a star!) so meantime my rental car was stuck at her place, and they managed to get it started the next morning and drop it off for me. I have no idea how much the rental car company are going sting me for having the car for so long, but it was worth it to get home on time!!
So after a 20 hr flight to KL in Malaysia, and a 9 hr wait there, the airline put us up in a hotel for day so it wasnt all bad, and I met some other kiwi guys on the flight, so we all hung out and found a pool to have a swim in. Kuala Lumpa airport has got to be the flashest airport I have ever been in... very new, and clean, and easily laid out, very high tech, all the latest equipment etc..and a train that comes right inside the terminal to take you over to international terminal, i was very impressed. So then another 10 hr flight to Akl, and i was finally home. I managed to sleep a lot of the time, so i wasnt feeling to jet lagged. Yay!! i was finally on one of those planes that has little tv screens in the back of every seat!!! (doesnt take much to make me happy!) so that was fun being able to choose what movies to watch etc.. i flew on Malaysia Airlines.
After a night in Akl with Jane, was so good to catch up with her. She got home just a month or so before me, so was cool to hear how her travels went.
I flew to Nelson this arvo, and my sister was there to pick me up. Beautiful day in Nelson, its days like this, that makes me never want to leave again!
I am at my parents place right now, but they arent here, so I am waiting for them to get home, to surprise them!! we are planning what to do when they get here, to give them the biggest surprise..... something about pretending to ring them, then walking out into the kitchen while they are on the ph with me! will see how it goes anyway.
Well thats all for today, shellz x

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

bye bye banff

in calgary today.. left banff yesterday arvo, just as it was in the middle of snowing full on! and get here and its much the same, the city is completely white.
So for those of you that had my address in Banff, dont send anything there, cause I wont get it!
And for those of you in nelson, i will see ya'll very soon, think i will be at harl and dees engagement party, congrats you guys!!! thats awesome news.
I at tara's place now, just hanging out waiting to go to the airport, she has satellite with like 5 million channels, so thats keeping me entertained...
catch ya l8r...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

leaving on a jet plane..

yep, on my final night of work... then off out for my farewell pary tomorrow night. a big group of us are going to play bingo!! and then dancing and stuff. should be a fun night. I work with another kiwi girl here and she is leaving as well, so we are combining our farewells.
So i brought a new snowboard, and had one day up the moutain on it, made such an difference with a new board, and i managed to go up one of the much bigger runs, so i was pretty proud of that!
I all packed up to come home, i am driving thru to Calgary on Sunday night, and stay the night there with my friend Tara, shes a good mate from Bible College. We will go to her HUGE church on Sunday night. Then Monday arvo i fly out to LA, then on to Kuala Lumpa (dont really know how to spell that!) for about a nine hr lay over, then on to Akl, where i will stay the night with Jane, and my bro and wife and my two neices will come up from Hamilton as well.. i havent met Hannah yet, my newest neice, so i look forward to that.
Still cold... and still gonna be a stark contrast when i arrive in Nelson!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

shellz the snowboarder..

well as i write this, I only have less than 2 weeks left to go here in Canada.. i looking forward to heading home, but will miss it here as well. Have made some cool friends, learnt a lot, and had so much fun.
So I have had a total of 3 days snowboarding now, not sure if that qualifies me as a 'snowboarder' or not, but i like to think so! First day, we took a full day lesson, to anyone thinking of learning, take a lesson! its so worth it. Now i just have to practice what i have learnt, and im all good. Am able to get all the way down the mountian and off the chair lift without falling off, so I am making progress! Today i headed up the mountain, and it was so cold and snowing horizontally into my face, wasnt a whole lot of fun, and then my bindings broke on my board, so i had to give up and come home, after only 4 runs. So i was bit gutted with that, but planning on looking into buying some news ones and i'll be away laughing.
Yep, so for those of you holding your breath in anticipation of my arrival home... heres the date I get into Nelson: December 10th, at about 1pm. So I see you all sometime after that!
PS - for anyone that knows my olds, its secret squirrels on my arrival date!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

dumb blonde

ha.. ha.. .just wrote that last blog twice cause i thought i didnt work the first time.....duh... anyway, thats how much i like the movie!

go see it!

Hey, just had to tell you about the movie 'the notebook', its a movie version of a book, and you will bawl your eyes out I promise!!
well.. maybe only if you are soppy and romantic like me... but if you are then you will love it!
yep, thats all i had to say.. catch ya shellz xx

great movie!!

just had to tell you about this great movie that you have to see..... well maybe its only a must-see if you like soppy and romantic movies like me!!
Anyway its called the 'Notebook' and its the movie version of a book.... and its just great.. you will bawl your eyes out, I promise!
Yep, thats all i had to say, catch ya, shellz x

homeward bound

hey hey... well its been a while since I posted! meanwhile I forgot my log in name and my password.. but Tim to the rescue, and i all sorted now, thanks!
Well i am still here in beautiful Banff.. had my first day snowboarding yesterday. was so much fun, took a whole day lesson. Note to anyone contemplating learning to board, take a lesson! you will need it, and it helps so much. But by the end of the day, i felt like i had acheived heaps, and now just need to head back up and practice.
I have now been in Canada for almost 6 months... and am heading home for Xmas!!! i am really looking forward to this, and seeing family, friends etc.. and summer!! plan at this stage is to go home for about 2 months, then back here and finish off my work visa which is valid till june, then head to England. this is a fairly flexible plan, and who knows where God might lead me next!
Thats about all for now.. I am still working at the resort hotel, doing night shift.
God bless ya'll, luv shellz x

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oh Canada!!

well here I am in Mighty Canada..... been a while since I last posted.... but who is really reading this anyway!
So I been here for the past 3 months, and working in a town called Banff, which is right in the Rocky Mountains, and is a ski/resort town. I am working at a resort hotel, and do the night shift on the front desk, so I work 11pm-7am, its pretty good. I sleep during the day, and have every evening off, so it works well.
Plan is to stay here for the best part of winter and learn to snowboard, and then head off to UK, thinking about Feb/March next year.... no plans on when home to NZ yet, but next year sometime.
Well thats my update.... how you doing??
God Bless, Shellz x

Sunday, February 29, 2004

just been to see "the Passion of the christ" if you get the chance you have to go.... its very graphic and vey real, impacting.... cried my eyes out! Can you believe that he went thru that for us? blows me away!
see ya!

Monday, February 23, 2004

hey hey, thought i betta write something else on this blog thing!! We having a heat wave on the coast at the moment, 43 degrees on Sat!! to hot, but we just got air con, so its all good.
I off to Heron Island for the weekend in 2 weeks, nice one! sun, sand, friends, snorkelling, relaxing, what more could a girl want!!! seeyabye.

hey hey, thought I better put something more on this blog thing.... we having a heat wave here on the coast, 43 degrees on Sat!! To hot, but we just got air con, so its all good. I off to Heron Island for the weekend in 2 weeks, nice one! sun, sand, friends, snorkelling, relaxing, what more could a girl want!! Seeyabye!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Hey there, just learning all about this blog stuff, Tim has set me up with my own sign in! Just spent the weekend up in Brisbane, been cruising around the city today and checking out the sights, and then went to a Paul Colman Trio concert tonight. Have had a few cuddles with Mercedes, shes very cute! Having fun on the Gold Coast, work etc.... is all good. Jono's car is still going strong, done a few miles since i had it! Work visa for Canada just been approved, so i am heading off there in about June. See ya, Shelley x