Friday, June 10, 2005

Love is in the air!

Well arent I just a big slacker... he he.. its been like 2 months since I wrote, and I bet you have all been patiently checking my site every day, waiting for an exciting update on my here it is!
Still here, still working at Paratiho ( still flatting with some friends, looking froward to 2 weeks in Queenstown at the beginning of July, going to check out the sights and sounds of winter festival and get in a few days boarding.. spending a night in Mt Cook on the way home as well, will be fun to go back to the Hermiatge, I used to work there about 5-6 years ago, and they have done a big million dollar refurbishment since then.
Just been up to Wellington for the long weekend, had a kids ministry conference to go to.. was great, and heaps of inspriation now for kids minsitry at church.. lots of ideas to make things bigger and better. Then my boyfriend Cam, came over from Nelson for the day on Monday, and we cruised round Wellington for the day, ate to much food and spent to much money, but great day had by all. Oh, and yes you read that right, Shellz has a boyfriend!! for those of you nosey parkers who need more goss.. let me know!
And also went to CTC for the night on Sunday... Tony Campolo preached up a storm, and heaps of cool bands and dance groups.
Thats all, work is pretty quiet at the moment, not many people travelling to NZ at this time of year, well not to Nelson anyway.
Oh I got a free ride in the Eurocopter the other day.. we use a local heli company heaps for work, so I got to ride along for the day, awesome!!! went over to Abel tasman, into Awaroa, which is this beautiful bay about half way up the park. Flash lodge there, that we had lunch, then walked on the beach.. it was a hard day at work!!
Ok, write me sometime if you want... shellz xxx