Thursday, March 17, 2005

Days off..

Well 2 blogs in one week, this has to be miracle.. mind you, hate to dissapoint anyone that had been checking this and there was never anything new on it!
Am on my weekend at the moment, I have Wednesday/Thursday off every week, it has some advantages, not really that many actually! but i've gotten used to it.
Played indoor netball yesterday,okay so we have this really suck team and we always loose, but yesterday we led for some of the game - we were so stoked and got so wound up and wanted to win, it was pretty funny! anyway, it was a game of 2 halves and we didnt win, but we tried! and its only a social league anyway, so who cares right. Well I do, cause I hate loosing.. ha ha!! anyway...
Then I went and saw my newest cousin, well cousins baby to be precise.. his name is Samuel Watson.. very cute. Big!! 10lb something..... but thats a Watson thing i think.
Then in the afternoon I went to Kids Klub, i help lead an afterschool kis program thru our church, its so fun! we had about 40 kids there, we did a relay race game where they had to eat cold brussel sprouts and green beans.... mmmm... they ate them not a problem tho, i was nearly puking just having to cut them up beforehand! Oh and we got t-shirts designed for our leaders and some prizes for the kids.. thanks for the design Chainsaw!!
Today I am at my sisters, helping to look after my neice and nephew... well I am playing on the computer really.. but keeping an eye on them as well! multi tasker extroidinaire..
Tonight I have a work dinner, at a fancy restaurant.. free wine and food!! always a bonus! And also i have our girls group from church, we all get together once a fortnight, and talk and learn about issues that we are interested in.. have visiting speakers etc.. its been going great so far this year.
Man, i have the sorest legs right now, I did a pump class at the gym the other day, (for those of you un-gym bunnies.. thats a weights class) and I went hard out thinking that i could handle it, but i can hardly walk now... ah well no pain no gain i guess..
over and out, shellz xx


At 7:17 pm, Blogger Jethro said...

hey there shellz
i was disappointed - then you posted - and now im all happy again!


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