Tuesday, January 25, 2005

On the payroll!

I now have a job, just finalised it all yesterday.... you can check the place out at its a luxury lodge, ($2,000 a night to stay!!!) and my role is the Guest Liason Manager... so I am looking forward to that, will let you know more about it later. I start tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

lady of leisure....

Well a few weeks on from my last blog, and not much has changed! i am still unemployed, but closer to a job than i was before, will let you know when its all finalised, all a bit hush hush at the moment.
Spent the day at Kaiteri last weekend, had heaps of fun jumping off the bridge and then riding the river current out to the sea. and of course worked on the tan a bit! then swimming in the river on sunday, my parents farm backs right on to a really good swimming river, so we go there a bit.
other than that, i have been having lots of sleep ins... trips to town to do lunch with people, sorting out my life, and bascially just being a lady of leisure!
Played touch rugby tongiht, we got absolutely wasted... i think about 10 nil... we had fun tho, its an all girls team.
in case you didnt catch on, i have a new email address its: feel free to drop me a line anytime there!
well,its sports camp next weekend, we have a team in from my church 'Hope' we are the current defending champions, so hopefully we will take the title again this year. the weekend is always lots of fun.
laters ...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

and the award for the worst movie ever goes to.....

OH MY GOSH.... while we were in Wellington for the weekend, we went and watched the movie 'Open Water'...... words can not even begin to explain this movie... we contemplated walking out, but had paid $14 for it, so I felt we had to stay! Worst acting you have ever seen, really really bad filming, it was like it was a home movie or a docoumentary... 2 no-name actors, and NO story line (found out afterwards that it was actaully based on a true story, but still, they could have made it a bit more exciting) basic run down..... a couple go on holiday, and go out deep sea diving, the dive boat leaves them behind, they are stuck out at sea for 24hrs or soemthing, they have a huge fight (while floating in the ocean, with sharks!) about whos fault it all is, he ends up getting bitten, and bleeds to death, so she lets him float away, then she gives up and drowns as well. Thats it.. end of story.... very very lame if you ask me. Sorry if i ruined it, for those of you planning to see it!!! ha ha,,, no really, only see it if you really want to laugh out loud about how dumb it is!!