Sunday, December 12, 2004

love happens in the strangest places...

well an update from shellz, its only been two days since i landed back in NZ and my life has changed ALOT already!! for the better of course!
On saturday Dave and I spent the day together... we just hung out and went swimming and stuff, then for dinner he had planned a surprise, i knew we were going for a picnic somewhere but i wasnt sure where. Well we got to the the port, and he had arranged for a little boat to take us over to the lighthouse, which is on a long spit made of stones. Takes about 20 mins to get there. Then he got the key for the lighthouse, and we climbed up and up to the top. Awesome view of beautiful nelson. So we sat with our legs dangling over the edge, and had our picnic!
So as of yestrday, Dave and I are now offically 'together' (again!!) so i am excited about that, and its been fun telling everyone, and getting their reactions... we had the 'family talk' today over lunch, and that went really well. So i am very happy, and looking forward to whats in store for us next.


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