Thursday, December 02, 2004

leaving on a jet plane..

yep, on my final night of work... then off out for my farewell pary tomorrow night. a big group of us are going to play bingo!! and then dancing and stuff. should be a fun night. I work with another kiwi girl here and she is leaving as well, so we are combining our farewells.
So i brought a new snowboard, and had one day up the moutain on it, made such an difference with a new board, and i managed to go up one of the much bigger runs, so i was pretty proud of that!
I all packed up to come home, i am driving thru to Calgary on Sunday night, and stay the night there with my friend Tara, shes a good mate from Bible College. We will go to her HUGE church on Sunday night. Then Monday arvo i fly out to LA, then on to Kuala Lumpa (dont really know how to spell that!) for about a nine hr lay over, then on to Akl, where i will stay the night with Jane, and my bro and wife and my two neices will come up from Hamilton as well.. i havent met Hannah yet, my newest neice, so i look forward to that.
Still cold... and still gonna be a stark contrast when i arrive in Nelson!


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