Monday, December 27, 2004

finally the sun comes out!

yay, today the sun was out and we spent the day at the beach, Kaiteri... everyone got a bit sunburnt, so heres hoping that this is finally the start of summer.
Had a cool day on Christmas day, we spent the morning at mum and dads opening pressies and having lunch... my twin neice and nephew were there, they are 2, think they were more interested in the paper than the actaul presents. they seemed confused about what all the fuss was about! Then in the arvo i went to Daves family for tea. i got some cool pressies, a PXT cellphone from dave!.. and heaps of camping stuff, so i am all set now to go camping which i think we are doing at new years.
So my cell number is still the same as before: 021 253 1001
no job prospects as yet, public holiday today and tomorrow, so maybe i will sort something after that.


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