Tuesday, December 21, 2004

4 days till chrissie!!

well i havent really been up to too much, cause I havent got a job as yet. But have applied for about 5 or 6.. thinking that most of them wont start up till after Christmas anyway. Which suits me fine! so bascially i am being an unemployed bum...have been sleeping in lots, and visting my sister and twin neice and nephew, hanging out with Dave, and bascailly just filling in the day! I have been blessed with a car for the next two weeks, my friend Hayley has gone away for the Xmas break, so has lent me her car.. Christmas day is shaping up to be fairly low key, with pressies and lunch with my family and then out to Daves side of the family are having a camp/reunion, so there for the arvo. No plans for tea yet, but im sure something will be arranged.
Went and saw the movie 'the polar express' the other day, was actaully quite good, i had my reservations at the start! but the animation was awesome.
went in to WINZ to see about getting the unemployemnt benefit, for a few weeks. Well, that whole process has changed a lot, you cant just walk in there and they give you money anymore! you have to attend a seminar, then go back 3 days later, and they 'assess' your case, then you have to agree to do absolutely any job... well i figured that I am big enough and ugly enough to go and get my own job!! so thats the plan now. since I am not to sure how long i will be around here for, its a little hard to commit to anything long term. All else fails I have my name down to work in some of the fruit packhouses, which i did this year as well, not to bad work for a few months.
so wishing you a Merry Christmas, and an awesome New years... shellz xx


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