Thursday, November 18, 2004

homeward bound

hey hey... well its been a while since I posted! meanwhile I forgot my log in name and my password.. but Tim to the rescue, and i all sorted now, thanks!
Well i am still here in beautiful Banff.. had my first day snowboarding yesterday. was so much fun, took a whole day lesson. Note to anyone contemplating learning to board, take a lesson! you will need it, and it helps so much. But by the end of the day, i felt like i had acheived heaps, and now just need to head back up and practice.
I have now been in Canada for almost 6 months... and am heading home for Xmas!!! i am really looking forward to this, and seeing family, friends etc.. and summer!! plan at this stage is to go home for about 2 months, then back here and finish off my work visa which is valid till june, then head to England. this is a fairly flexible plan, and who knows where God might lead me next!
Thats about all for now.. I am still working at the resort hotel, doing night shift.
God bless ya'll, luv shellz x


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